TSC Nano Facial Steamer
TSC Nano Facial Steamer

TSC Nano Facial Steamer

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The True Details:

Our Nano Facial steamer uses nano steam technology which is able to convert steam to be twenty times smaller than a human cell, making it absorb faster and more effectively into skin therefore, opening your pores. 

What Is It?

A professional device with micro-steam technology that infuses skin with moisture, clarifies the complexion, and purifies skin.

Perfect For

  • All skin types:
  • Dehydrated Skin
  • Acne Prone Skin
  • Enlarged Pored
  • Blackheads 

How To Use: 

Position yourself about 8-10 inches from the steamer and treat your skin for up to 5-7 minutes. Pat your face dry with our TSC Microfiber Face Towel and follow up with our True Serum for best results.